The Complete Skin Retinol Reno

How to use Retinol effectively at home:

Follow the IHASA Retinol Protocol Schedule:

  • Week 1: use 1 per week
  • Week 2: use Monday and Thursday (2 per week)
  • Week 3: use Monday Wednesday Saturday (3 per week)
  • Week 4: use as week 3
  • Week 5: use as week 3
  • Week 6: Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
  • Week 7: use as week 6
  • Week 8: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
  • And continue…

We like to recommend a 5-day on and 2-day off (at maximum) for the most beneficial effects. 

Why we love Retinol:

  • It absorbs into the skin more effectively than most other vitamins in skincare
  • Retinol promotes and maintains the ‘scaffolding’ in our skin which is lost as we age
  • It reduces pigmentation
  • May have anti-cancer effects

So what is it exactly?

Retinol, derived from Vitamin A, is an ingredient used in many skincare routines to aid skin health. Retinol is one of the best and most well-researched ingredients used in skincare to date. It works in the dermal layer of the skin to neutralize free radicals, aids in the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, creating a “plumping effect “and has an exfoliating effect on the skin, thus improving its tone and texture. 

Retinol loading involves building up a level of vitamin A in your skin thus having boosted effects. One would ideally do this in winter by working on a schedule of gradually easing the ingredient into your usual routine.

Be aware that “retinol purging” is a common temporary side effect that some people experience. If you notice breakouts, don’t be discouraged! It usually signifies the product is working and should clear up within a few weeks.

What to do: take a break for a day or two for the skin to balance out and drop down one week of the schedule. 

Here’s why “retinol purging” happens:

Speeding Up Cell Turnover: Retinol works by increasing the rate at which your skin cells turn over. This means dead skin cells are shed faster, revealing the healthier new cells underneath.
Bringing Hidden Blemishes to the Surface: However, this rapid turnover can also bring any existing clogs or imperfections in your pores closer to the surface, causing them to erupt as pimples.

The golden rule to having the best and safest use of Retinol is by using as SPF daily, and ensuring the retinol is only applied at night and washed off thoroughly the next morning.

Am I eligible to use this product? 

All skin types are safe to use Retinol taking into account that one’s skin barrier function is intact. It is highly recommended that you see your skin therapist, Nina or Bodene to advise accordingly, as there are many forms of retinol available on the market in many different strengths.



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