About Us

Our Approach

The Institute of Healthy Aging is a centre of excellence. We take an integrated approach to health, wellness and beauty that is evidence-based and scientific. One important focus within our establishment is that we pride ourselves as being patient-orientated whilst striving for quality service.

At the Institute of Healthy Aging we fine-tune your aesthetic, hormonal, genetic and wellness balance so that you regain the equilibrium between your inner and outer beauty. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of healthy aging technology, and our specialist team offers a variety of advanced treatments to ensure our clients achieve their optimal health and wellness.

Take a holistic, integrated approach with us – as we help you attain a healthy lifestyle today and longevity for all your tomorrows. 


Dr. Duncan Carmichael

Aesthetic Specialist
Megan Carmichael

Megan Carmichael

Pilates, Gyrotonics and Rolfing Specialist
Noreen Lamont

Noreen Lamont

Front Office Manager

Nina Kotze

Skin Therapist
Dr Angelique_3

Dr. Angelique M. Oliveira

General Practitioner
Cecilia Kanyimo

Cecilia Kanyimo

Back Office Manager

Catia De Freitas Amod

Front Desk Manager