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The first fillers were used back in 1890, when doctors injected fat, paraffin and silicone into the face to reduce wrinkles. Over the last 120 years, the world of aesthetic medicine has improved immensely and today we have over 100 different natural gentle skin fillers to choose from. At IHASA we use only the best hyaluronic acid fillers on our clients. These fillers are used to fill a crease or plump up cheeks, lips and chins to sculpt faces and bring balance to beauty.

Our favourite fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, Emervel and Teosyl. Different fillers are chosen for different skin types and different problems. It takes a skilled injector to match the correct filler to a skin and to inject it artistically. Our philosophy is that ‘less is more’ and we would rather that you expect a 50% improvement from a procedure than have the side-effects that can occur from too much filler being injected.

Side-effects of dermal fillers:

Bruising is the most common side-effect of any injection into the skin. It takes a few days to settle. To minimise bruising, please stop all aspirin, brufen products, fish oils and vitamin C for 48 hours before a procedure.

Lumping is the side-effect that people fear with fillers. A filler needs to react slightly with the skin and stimulate a fine layer of collagen around it. This helps it to strengthen the surrounding skin and last for at least a year. However, if for some reason the skin reacts too much with the filler, then a small lump can form. For this reason we use only hyaluronic acid fillers, so that if there is a small lump we can easily dissolve it away within the hyalase dissolver. Lumps are extremely rare and are generally quickly resolved. If someone has had lumping in the past we would generally recommend that we do fat transfer filling instead.

Filler collapsing which is the opposite of lumping. In people with older weaker skins, they can find that a filler dissolves from an area too quickly leaving the crease to come back. This person needs stronger fillers and may need vitamin creams, peels, laser and needles to stimulate the collagen to become more youthful.

Infection. It is important to keep make-up away from the area that was injected for 24 hours to prevent any infection being pushed into the skin. Infection is extremely rare and treated with antibiotics.

Collagen Fillers

Due to their side-effects collagen fillers have been all but removed from the market. People talk about having collagen fillers, but have generally had the more modern hyaluronic acid fillers.

Sculptra Fillers

This used to be called Nu-fill. In 2004 the brand was relaunched as Sculptra, which is useful particularly for older skin that is not responsive to other wrinkle treatments. It is to be avoided in young skins as they can be too reactive with it.

Radiesse© Fillers

Radiesse is made from a natural product called calcium hydroxyapatite. It has been used for bone building in teeth, jaws and chins. It is generally used for older skins and deeper creases.

Fat Implantation

This is a beautifully natural procedure that has been honed in over the last 40 years. We extract small volumes of fat from your waistline. The fat is processed gently to extract the best of the fat and then mixed with growth factors. It is then injected rather like filler injections into the face to the various creases that need attention. The fat fills the creases and the stem cells that come with it give a natural glow and a stimulation of cells to the skin. The procedure takes a little longer than a filler (3 hours), but is entirely natural and gives a skin glow as well as the filling effect.

Eye Filler

Filling the under-eye dark rings is a very successful procedure if done carefully. One needs to use the gentlest filler (usually Juvederm 2), be prepared for a small bruise in this delicate area and consider enhancing it with carboxy-therapy and ND yag laser.

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