Rebuilding a damaged skin.


One of the most effective treatments currently available for skin rejuvenation and wrinkles is PRP.

Plasma Rich Protein is the science of taking blood from your arm, spinning it down and putting only the concentrated growth factors back into your skin, which holds the potential to reverse cell ageing and boost the body’s natural repair process.

Sometimes medication, illness, stress or poor diet may affect the quality of the blood, so a great alternative is with AQ Solutions. It works similarly to PRP, but instead of us needing to draw some of your blood, AQ Solutions uses a blend of the best combination and concentration of growth factors to effectively bring about changes in the skin. Just like PRP, this concept teaches the skin to repair itself! Fantastic for ageing skins in need of a boost, with visible improvement to texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment, called GFIT (Growth Factor-induced therapy), involves manual skin stamping to deliver growth factors into the skin. For best results, it is recommended that you have approximately 4 treatments at 3 to 4-week intervals, with a 3 to 4-month maintenance program to follow.

Cost of the first treatment is R4 450, which includes a skin stamper that is sterilized and reused for a further 3-4 treatments. Thereafter the treatment cost is R3 500.

Homecare will significantly enhance the benefits of the treatment and can be used between in-clinic treatments.

The Eye Serum is used to significantly improve the appearance of fine dehydration lines, deeper wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes, while the Active Serum is used for the rest of the face and neck as a perfect anti-ageing compliment to the treatment.

We are offering a special AQ Skin Solutions launch deal for the month of June:

Purchase an AQ Skin Solutions treatment, and the Active Serum for R5 500 and receive the skin stamp free of charge.

Please also get in touch for further information about AQ Solutions other products that are available, AQ Advanced Hair Complex+ for thinning hair or hair loss, as well as AQ’s hormone-free Vaginal Rejuvenation System.



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