How to feel and look younger – THE YOUNGER WAY


You’re not ill, you are just exhausted. Dr Duncan Carmichael, an anti-ageing specialist, explains how you can get your energy back.

“Exhausted but not ill” is a common health profile of those who seek advice from Duncan Carmichael, 51, a medical doctor for 25 years and the founder of the Institute of Healthy Ageing in Poole, Dorset. “They’re fatigued or their mood is low, their partners complain that they’re irritable, and they want to know what’s going on.”

These stressed, over-busy patients “fall through the cracks”, he says, because the medical world is focused on treating illness rather than promoting health. But Dr Carmichael, who qualified in medicine in his native South Africa and worked extensively in psychiatry before acquiring his GP qualifications in the UK, takes a wider view. He has studied nutrition, hormone balancing and aesthetic medicine, and his passion, on which he lectures globally. Find out more about this approach in his book “Younger for Longer” which can be purchased on Amazon here. Alternatively read the full article on the The Times here.



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