Facial Thread Lift has revolutionized the Aesthetic Industry – QUICK . SIMPLE . PAINLESS . AFFORDABLE

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Facial Thread Lifting is a modern alternative to existing invasive surgical procedures, resulting in no scars, little to no bruising, quicker recovery time and a more natural look.

We have had the traditional Apthos threads for the past 15 years, but these were quite invasive and expensive. In the past 2 years the gentle floating threads have become popular and companies like Miracu and Silhouette threads have led the way. These threads are much less expensive and much less invasive. The procedure has become an easy 30 minute appointment with gentle instant results and a very low risk of bruising. You are now able to achieve your desired younger look without all the accompanying risks that accompanies your traditional facelift.

thread-lift is a delicate non-invasive procedure to gently lift sagging facial skin to produce a smoother, more youthful appearance. If gravity has started to take its toll on your face, a thread lift may be a less invasive alternative to a face lift to rejuvenate the face without the risks and downtime associated with surgery. The thread-lift procedure involves very fine surgical sutures being inserted in to the soft tissue of the face to lift and support sagging areas.

During The Facial Thread Lift Procedure: A small needle is inserted into the skin and threaded for a few centimetres pulling the thread into place in the tissue just beneath the skin. The threads attach to the fat under the skin, and will then start to stimulate collagen to strengthen that particular area of skin.  The result is that over 1-2 months the skin can start to tighten upwards in the direction that the thread was placed. It is that SIMPLE and QUICK.

Facial Threads have become extremely popular across the globe. A thread lift procedure uses various different types of suture threads (Such as MIRACU & SILHOUETTE threads) to help lift and tighten the skin. This process helps to raise the outer brow area, reduce sagging along the jawline, and in the cheeks, naso-labial (nose to mouth) folds and the lower eye areas.

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