All you need to know about the Dermapen treatment

DERMAPEN – For a healthier, younger skin

When we talk to our clients about “microneedling”, the first question is: “Does it hurt?”
That’s an understandable question – after all, the Dermapen, which is the brand name for the handheld device we use, has a dozen tiny needles on it.

The good news is that it doesn’t hurt. The sensation is akin to a gentle prickling effect that is not unpleasant. (Even then, in order to ensure maximum comfort, we can numb the skin using a topical local anaesthetic.)

As for the results – well, they are sensational.

What does it do?

Dermapen’s dozen super-fine, very short needles create tiny punctures in the surface of the skin on your face (or anywhere else you’d like the treatment). That triggers the body’s natural wound-healing process, which means it stimulates new collagen (the scaffolding in the skin), produces more elastin (which, as the name implies, gives your skin the ability to stretch and
bounce back), and increases cell turnover.

In short, microneedling turns back the clock on an aging skin.

It is very effective in rejuvenating ‘tired’, ageing skin, and it also has a significant benefit on fine lines and deeper lines, as well as on wrinkles, scars (whether from acne, surgery or burns) and stretchmarks. Microneedling also helps with sun damage, pigmentation, dilated pores, rosacea, telangiectasia, acne, keratosis pilaris and alopecia.

(And because it’s a needling treatment, it doesn’t use heat – something most lasers do. That is great news for darker or heat-sensitive skins, because it means a lower risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or the formation of scar tissue.)

Dermapen’s oscillating tip, each of which is used only once, does its work by vibrating while gliding over the skin. This also opens tiny channels to the deepest layers of the skin, meaning as much as 80 percent more of the nutrients applied to the skin penetrate to work their magic.

How long until I see results?

Most clients see results after just one treatment; however, we recommend three or more treatments to ensure the best results. It is worth pointing out that treating conditions such as scarring or stretchmarks require at least five sessions.

Most treatments are performed 6-8 weeks apart, and you can alternate those with superficial skin-peel treatments.

Tell me more!

You can see why this has proved to be such a popular treatment at our clinic. But before starting, it is important to outline some points.

Pre-treatment guidelines: Pregnant women should not undergo a Dermapen treatment, and nor should anyone with the following conditions:

  • Papulopustular rosacea
  • Acne vulgaris
  • Herpes simplex
  • Warts in the treatment area
  • Bacterial/fungal infections
  • Skin cancer

Also, clients cannot undergo any of the following procedures two weeks either side of a Dermapen treatment:

  • Botox/filler
  • Skin peels
  • Laser IPL rejuvenation/hair removal
  • Radio frequency skin-tightening
  • Tattoo
  • Waxing/threading
  • Self-tan

And they need to stop using any and all of the following products one week either side of a Dermapen treatment:

  • Retinoids (vitamin A)
  • AHAs or BHAs
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Hydroquinone, kojic acid, azelaic acid

Post-treatment guidelines: For at least two days after the procedure, clients should avoid the following activities:

  • Direct UV exposure – in other words, stay out of the sun and away from sun-lamps
  • Intense exercise that causes heavy perspiration
  • Excessively hot baths/showers
  • Sauna/steam room
  • Further aesthetic treatments such as botox, filler or chemical peels
  • Self-tanning/spray- tanning
  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Tattoos in the area of treatment, including cosmetic tattoos

Finally, there is no downtime with a Dermapen treatment, so you can resume your normal activities immediately afterwards (except for those listed above). And while it is common to have some localised redness for up to three days, the good news is that you can apply make- up just 24 hours after the procedure.

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