Megan Carmichael

Pilates, Gyrotonics and Rolfing Specialist
Megan Carmichael

Megan trained originally as a chartered accountant and worked briefly in the oil industry, but quickly moved to health where her passion lies.

She ran a supplement business before moving into being one of Cape Town’s first pilates and gyrotonics teachers. Rehabilitation and rotational movement kept her busy for a while but it wasn’t long before Megan expanded into the field of rolfing or rehabilitative fascial massage.

Never happy to sit still, Megan studied nutrition and has an interest in Banting or ketogenic eating plans. Her latest venture is qualifying in Biofeedback and Neuro-feedback techniques. She is proving invaluable to the clinic with her ability to read the brainwaves of stressed clients and help them to re-align their brainwaves into more healthy patterns.

In 2020 Megan introduced the PEMF machine (pulsed electrical magnetic field) to the clinic. PEMF gives gentle electrical stimulation to the body to accelerate the healing of injuries.


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