Catia De Freitas Amod

Front Desk Manager

Catia has worked in the beauty, wellness and aesthetics industry as a receptionist and spa manager for 6 years. She brings warmth and professionalism to the front desk and looks forward to meeting you and growing the family at IHA.

Catia will be managing the front desk and all your appointment enquiries during the mornings.


Dr. Duncan Carmichael

Aesthetic Specialist
Megan Carmichael

Megan Carmichael

Pilates, Gyrotonics and Rolfing Specialist
Noreen Lamont

Noreen Lamont

Front Office Manager

Nina Kotze

Skin Therapist
Dr Angelique_3

Dr. Angelique M. Oliveira

General Practitioner
Cecilia Kanyimo

Cecilia Kanyimo

Back Office Manager