New Year, new resolutions.

New year, new you

In the New Year, it’s a common time to take stock of what’s going on in your life and to make a resolution or two.

Most of us plan to look after ourselves more, by making healthy choices, lose weight and be more productive. While this is quite doable with guidance from practitioners self-will and a daily routine, you also need to ensure you don’t burn-out at the start of your year!

We all have the power to regain balance amidst a culture that glorifies busyness, we must just ensure we avoid chaos and burnout by following some self-guidance, here’s how.

Pause before you dive into the year.

Full speed ahead may mean a quicker breakdown, especially if you’ve experienced burnout before. This doesn’t mean you can hold off on starting your new year’s resolutions, it just means pace yourself.

Look ahead, and plan accordingly.
One of the most logical tips to reduce stress is to plan, plan, plan. Writing down what’s coming up in this new year will allow you to put what’s important to you on the schedule and do away with what isn’t.
If you have a busy start to your year, re-look signing up for a full marathon; you’ll have to be completing long training runs during that time. Productivity is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean you have to be multitasking 24/7.

Remember what makes you truly happy.
If you know something makes you happy, it’s worth resolving to do. Love going out for brunch with your friends, or getting a facial? Schedule it in at least once a month. Do you feel ecstatic after you’ve completed a morning workout? Then it’s worth waking up a bit earlier to do it. Making room for your favourite activities will make achieving your resolutions a lot more pleasant. And remember, its okay to say “No, thank you” when you feel you are sacrificing your integrity or health.

Be honest about why you’re making that resolution.
Don’t just think about what you want to change. If something isn’t working or fulfilling you anymore, figure out why. This can also apply to our friendships, relationships, and career choices. If you don’t believe in your resolution 100% then chances are, you may not follow through.

Identify when you’re hitting burnout.
“Burnout” means reaching a point where the daily stresses of your life – work, family, relationships, body image, and more – become overwhelming, affecting you mentally and physically. Burnout can cause fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety.
Before you set your mind on accomplishing things this year, examine what has gone well and was has gone wrong in years past. Knowing what triggers your burnout is the first step to overcoming it.

Reflect and reconnect.
As the year progresses, revisit your resolutions, putting your aspirations in perspective will remind you why you started this journey and will help keep you motivated.
And remember, even if you break your resolutions once, twice, or fifty times, this year, take a breather. Then try again. You are your greatest inspiration.

Make 2020 the year you do what’s best for you – those around you will benefit, too!



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