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mens health

Men come through to see us for 3 main issues:

  1. Young men who have been given black market testosterone for sporting performance. We measure their hormone levels in an independent and confidential setting. We help them recover health and help them reverse any damage they may have done.
  2. Male infertility is common and there are healthy measures we can take to improve it. If we need to use testosterone it is either the bio-identical testosterone creams or the healthy testosterone injections. Too often men will receive testosterone injections in too high a dosage without regard for the dangers of this. Too much testosterone can be converted to oestrogen in the livers of men which is a very unhealthy situation and causes abdominal weight gain and heart attack risks. We measure all the appropriate hormones and pathways and will work out a healthy approach to correcting issues surrounding testosterone.
  3. Exhaustion after the age of 40 is very common for us men and is very often caused by stress and a burnout of our testosterone, DHEA, progesterone and other steroid hormones. Testing these and correcting them can have huge benefits.

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