Adrenal Health


adrenal health

The adrenal gland is probably the most important hormonal system in the body.

If you are tired, in the day and sleeping poorly at night then you probably have adrenal issues. If you are starting the day on coffee and coming down in the evening with alcohol, then you probably have adrenal issues. If you are racing around on endless energy, but gradually putting on abdominal weight, then you probably have adrenal issues.

The adrenal gland is the commander-in-chief of the body hormones, receiving messages from the brain and influencing the ovaries, thyroid and insulin hormone systems. Stress, adrenaline and coffee boots the adrenals into action and causes it to release the hormones that heal us after an attack. However, although most of us don’t live with real lions any more, we still enjoy the rush that this gland gives and use the energy that it gives us to cope with our busy lives.

However we can’t live on adrenaline forever and after the age of 30 we either become burned out and sickly or we maintain this endless energy but pay for it dearly with abdominal weight gain and heart attacks. Blood tests for adrenal health look at which of these two paths our bodies are taking us, and what to do about it. Managing adrenal health is essential for our optimal wellness.

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