RégimA Scar Repair Forté & Anti-Stretch Complex

RegimaA Scar Repair Serum

This serum an be used on all skin types, and are suitable for all ages.  All the ingredients in this technologically advanced formulation have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and wound-healing capabilities, addressing every aspect of skin healing. Powerful cutting-edge ingredients provide a cascade of interactions and reactions resulting in an arsenal of defence, increasing resistance to bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitical infections, “natural killers”, protecting and repairing during the critical initial healing phase.

– Rapidly reduces inflammation and irritation
– Promotes wound healing
– Helps reduce skin redness
– Provides balanced Collagen I & III synthesis
– Anti-glycation – Prevents hardening of elastin fibres
– Skin regenerating and restructuring
– Helps treat new and old, lumpy, red, painful scars
– Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks

Every Before and After photo tells a story and we love hearing your stories and seeing the amazing results using RégimA.

Here is Nicci Coertze’s Story:

I just wanted to tell you what an incredible difference RégimA Scar Repair Forté made to my life!!! A Neurosurgeon has performed 4 discectomy operations (fusions) via the front of my neck. These Operations were 2 to 4 years apart so you can imagine the scar tissue and keloids that had built up from all the surgeries!!

After my last operation, the scar was really bad and getting worse. I tried silicone scar creams and scar tapes but remained raised and hard.

Thank heavens I was introduced to RégimA, starting Scar Repair Forté 10 days post-op. After only a week the drain scar healed well, the big scar itself was looking great already. Four weeks after starting RégimA, for the first time, the scar wasn’t red or scary anymore, it was totally soft and looked like a “normal” scar. A month later, the scar was a shadow of the mess it was after the operations! ALL the keloids were gone, and the skin around the scar was soft and looked completely normal.

People couldn’t believe that this “miracle product” made such an amazing difference and to be honest, neither could I!! I want to thank RégimA from the bottom of my heart for the incredible healing of a very nasty scar!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I really recommend this product to anyone with old or new scars – it really works!”

-Courtesy of RegimA

How to use the RégimA Scar Repair Forté & Anti-Stretch Complex?
AM & PM: Apply after Serums and before the day and under night treatment products. On scarred skin product may be used 4 to 6 times a day for maximum benefit. Alternatively, use every day morning and evening to condition the skin and provide the ultimate soothing benefits. May be used over the eye products for extra benefit in the orbital area. Suitable for all ages.

NEW SCARS: Following suture removal massage Scar Repair Forté 2 to 4 times daily into a new scar, more often for children. Continue daily application until the scar becomes pale and flattens.

OLD SCARS: May be applied twice daily to lumpy, red, itchy and painful older scars. Massage Scar Repair Forté into the affected areas.

STRETCH MARKS: Massage twice daily into areas prone to stretching i.e. breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs to treat and prevent stretch mark development. If one develops new stretch marks which are pink, or purple, massage twice daily into affected areas. Highly recommended during pregnancy and growth spurts to help prevent stretch marks.

BURNS: Burns must be assessed and treated initially by a doctor. However, once a burn is no longer at risk of infection one may begin to apply Scar Repair Forté to the scarred area 4 times daily to accelerate healing, and help prevent hardening and pigmentation of the skin.

Please do not combine the Scar Repair Forté + Anti-Stretch Complex with any other product range.



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