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Everyday your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation and pollution that results in premature ageing of the skin. Even low levels of ultraviolet radiation can worsen pigmentation, cause facial redness, irregular texture, fine lines and wrinkles.

The answer to anti-ageing would therefore be sun avoidance, or would it? Perhaps not, as total sun avoidance also comes at a price of Vitamin D3 deficiency, bringing with it risks of osteoporosis and joint pain.

Vitamin D3 is formed when cholesterol in the skin is exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. The same sun that causes, premature ageing, skin cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays are also good for you! Vitamin D3 is essential for the development of bone growth, density and for the functioning of the nervous system. It’s also essential for heart function and plays a role in calcium metabolism.

So, Do you avoid the sun or not? This is where LAMELLE Ovelle D3 comes into play

How Ovelle D3 works

Two capsules of Lamelle Ovelle D3 a day delivers the super-antioxidant Pycnogenol(R) to your skin to neutralise free radicals and improve your skin UVA resistance by 80%. It’s also proven to lighten hormonal pigmentation by 37% in just 28 days. And it comes with a special activated form of Vitamin D, so you get all it’s additional health benefits even while avoiding the sun.

All-in-one aging, pigmentation and Vitamin D supplement

By introducing the renowned antioxidant Pycnogenol(R), which your body breaks down into a series of eight incredible powerful antioxidants, Lamelle Ovelle D3 neutralises free radicals and boosts your body’s ability to protect itself.

It’s also shown to lower the levels of protein-damaging enzymes in your skin while promoting hyaluronic acid production for better hydration and protecting your skin’s healthy collagen and elastin.

And, taken daily, Ovelle D3 increases your skin’s UVA resistance by 80% – all to significantly delay the signs of aging.

Proven melasma correction

In a study of women with fixed hormonal pigmentation, all in roughly the same areas of the face, Ovelle D3 proved a remarkable ability to brighten the skin. After taking two capsules of Ovelle for 28 days, we saw the women’s pigmentation lighten by an average of 37%.

The size of the pigmented areas also shrank by an average of 21%, proving that Ovelle D3 is a powerful melasma-reducing supplement.

Added activated Vitamin D

Because Vitamin D is so vital for our good health, Ovelle D3 contains specially added activated Vitamin D. This will continue to give your body the benefits of this essential vitamin, even if you’re avoiding the sun for a while.

Ovelle is available on request at IHA.



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