New Era of Nutrigenomics Dawns For Personalised Diets, Exercise And Wellness Programmes

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MyDNAHealth – Press Release 2nd April

New Era of Nutrigenomics Dawns For Personalised Diets, Exercise And Wellness Programmes

A multi-dimensional nutrigenomics company has reimagined the boundaries of weight loss with a personalised heredity analysis and wellbeing programme called DNA Complete™. Blending genetic testing with lifestyle assessment, myDNAhealth has underpinned the programme with a unique preventative approach. Using state-of-the art technology, medical and nutrition experts assess individual traits and provide bespoke lifestyle change advice based on the results.

Unlike other weight loss and nutrition programmes, myDNAhealth is the first company to blend genetic testing with clinical lifestyle assessments.  This arms the team with valuable insight into how to optimise results and fast-track clients on their way to a healthier lifestyle. This unique approach is preventative and clients benefit by early intervention to avoid many lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes type 2.

Over the past few years personal genomics has emerged as the next big thing in the weight loss industry. By sequencing and analysing specific genes specialists are able to gain a better understanding of individual profiles and use this to detect, predict and select ideal dietary and lifestyle changes. In fact, research by Stanford University[i] in 2010 found that “…individuals on genotype-appropriate diets lost 5.3 percent of body weight compared to individuals on diets not matched to their genotype.” The study found that those following a diet based on their genetic make-up lost 2.5 times more weight than those who do not. Genetic testing can yield recommendations for what, exactly, a person can do to achieve their weight and health goals.

Dr Duncan Carmichael, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder at myDNAhealth said, “The personal genomics industry is rapidly growing, especially in the direct-to-consumer genetic testing space. This growth is due to the cost of genetic testing which has drastically reduced over years.  In 2003 it took close to three billion dollars to sequence the human genome.  Today, it’s affordable for consumers to get a genetic test done.”

The DNA Complete™ program makes it easy to access a bespoke weight loss and wellbeing plan. Clients send in a cheek swab to analyse their DNA and complete clinical questionnaires online addressing factors such as stress levels, sleep and food cravings. myDNAhealth analyse client DNA to determine whether an individual is sensitive to fats, sugars or both. The tests also determine liver toxicity, sugar metabolism, fat absorption ability, beta receptors and muscle function. A nutrition, exercise and wellness program is then developed based on the multifaceted results.

Clients can access their DNA Complete Report™ via a secure portal.  Here they gain a thorough understanding of any genetic predispositions or lifestyle issues, as well as expert advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle.  This is followed up by a consultation to clarify information and address any concerns.

“These tests are presented in a detailed report with analysis and visualisations that help clients to understand their genetic predispositions and strengths.  However, additional medical intervention with trained professionals is available to help explain and recommend the necessary steps post receiving the results and clients are offered this additional consultation.” said Carmichael.

In a world facing an ever increasing obesity epidemic it’s critical that people employ the right techniques to make informed decisions. myDNAhealth is helping health conscious people do just this with its multi-dimensional nutrigenomics programme. The results make it easier to eat right without following fad diets, follow exercise regimes suited to their genetic make-up and stay informed about lifestyle factors which may impact on weight loss and health.

To find out more about myDNAhealth and the DNA Complete™ programme, visit the website at:

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About DNA Complete™

Developed by Dr Duncan Carmicheal, DNA Complete™ is a multi-dimensional nutrigenomics programme run by myDNAhealth. A team of genetic, medical and nutritional experts analyse both individual genetic make-up and lifestyle habits to develop a bespoke weight loss and wellbeing plan.

About Dr Duncan Carmichael MBChB (SA) MRCGP(UK)

Dr Carmichael is a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners UK with over 20 years experience and is regarded as a leading expert in the field of healthy ageing, wellbeing and weight loss.  He is a co-founder of myDNAhealth and its Chief Scientific Officer, having conceptualised personalised weight-loss and wellbeing based on DNA and clinical testing.

Dr Carmichael is a regular lecturer at world renowned skin care and anti-aging groups such as Allergan, RegimA, Skinceuticals, Mesoaesthetics and Hyacorp. He also lectures at the World Anti-Aging Congress in Monaco and writes for Health Intelligence Magazine, and sits on the board of medical advisors.


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