Lockdown arrangements for IHA

Dear patients

As you are all aware we are entering some very uncertain times over the next few weeks. We are open for the next three weeks as an essential service, but would like to share with you what is available at the clinic and what facilities are closed.

What is our role?
IHA is open primarily as a prevention center. During this pandemic there are two types of medical facilities: those that focus on preventing people from getting the virus, and those that treat people who have contracted the Covid-19 viral illness. Obviously, a prevention center cannot also be a treatment center. For example, we cannot be assisting a healthy elderly person improve their immunity, and at the same time have them exposed to an ill, Covid-19 patient.

So, as a prevention center we will be focused on looking after healthy people who want to optimize their health and boost their immune systems.

What are we offering?
We are giving hormonal health consultations and follow-ups. These can be in the clinic or telephonic as needed. By optimizing our hormones, sleep and health, we improve our immune systems.

We are offering immune boosting injections to boost the immune system for 1 to 2 months. These are safe and useful for anyone concerned that they are susceptible to picking up viral illnesses.

We are offering immune boosting drips. This includes high dose vitamin C drips, Multivitamin drips and also immune boosting Ozone drips.

We are open for you to collect your medications. Alternatively, Noreen will put you in touch with a courier service for home medicine deliveries.

We will be open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. With social distancing in mind we have minimized our staff and have limited the number of consultations that we offer each day.

All other aspects of the clinic will be closed for the period of the shutdown.

We wish you the best health on every level. Please know that we are always here for any questions or problems you may have.

Best regards
Dr. Duncan Carmichael



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