Expand Health Cryotherapy

Come and chill out downstairs at IHA and optimise your health with Expand Health’s Cryotherapy sessions!

Take advantage of the only Cryotherapy chamber in Cape Town!

For the month of May 2023, Expand Health is offering a discount on all group bookings! Book for 2 @R900 for each person, or 3 @R800 each, and for 4 or more @R700 each.

Step in and experience an ice-cold mist swirling around you at a maximum of -180°C for up to 3 minutes, causing a reduction of tissue temperature and in core body temperature – boosting your energy, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production.

Book your session today at Expand Health via +27 (0)66 448 0238 or email  [email protected]



Expand Health May 2023 Offer



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