Dr. Angélique M. Oliveira – Helping you live a healthier longer life.

Dr. Angélique M. Oliveira (MBBCH Medical Doctor BA Psychology Honours) is a General Practitioner with a deep passion for helping people live healthier, longer lives, and radiate vitality from the inside out. With a special interest in longevity medicine and anti-aging, Dr. Angelique is dedicated to optimising wellness in every aspect of her patients’ lives.

With nearly two decades of experience in the wellness industry and a unique combination of a medical degree, an honours degree in psychology, and training in various related fields including nutrition, sports medicine, aesthetic medicine, personal fitness training, life coaching, and mindfulness, she is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health, happiness, and success.

During her time as a medical doctor, she worked in the COVID-19 wards at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, and then went on to serve as a Community Service doctor at New Somerset Hospital in the same city.

After her time in the COVID wards, she took a wellness retreat to process her experiences and reconnect with her passion for helping people through preventative medicine. She believes that preventative medicine is the key to adding years to life and life to years, and she is committed to improving health, happiness, and success for those she serves.



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